Art Connects Community

​Good morning and happy Wednesday to you readers! Boy is it cold enough for everyone yet? Brrrr. Stay warm and safe, all!
Art is a very imperative aspect in many parts of life, and it’s everywhere you turn. It’s embraced by many, and expressed by many. The St. Cloud Area School District 742 has this fabulous article to share in connecting art with the community.
Art Connects Community
By Carissa Hopkins-Hoel
St. Cloud Area School District 742
“Nothing connects communities quite like 

art. Especially when the artwork is done by students from multiple communities.

Each year, Apollo High School and Tech 

High School participate in an art collaboration with other area schools: Becker, Foley and Sauk Rapids-Rice.

The art collaboration formed by these 

schools is in its seventh year.

This year’s project was funded by a Central Minnesota Arts grant. The allocated funds are used for student murals. The goal of the collaboration is to ensure students are making a community impact and using 21st century learning.

Each year a professional artist is brought 

into the collaboration to work alongside the students and art teachers in the classroom.

Bob McCoy was this year’s artist…”
Check out the rest of this article (page 13) and many more in the most recent issue of Teaching Today – Minnesota.


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