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​Good morning and happy Friday to you, readers! Winter is finally upon us and for all those here up north, have fun but most importantly stay safe in all the snow! As well as the below-average temperatures to come (not to put a damper on anyone’s day 😊).
Wednesday we shared some contests available for students to earn some cash and scholarships. Funding for schools, administrators, and educators is highly important as well and in every issue we share grants available for just that. Here are a few from our recent November issue:
Farm to School Grant Program
The purpose of the US Department of Agri-

culture (USDA) Farm to School Grant Program 

is to assist eligible entities in implementing farm 

to school programs that improve access to local 

foods in eligible schools. On an annual basis, 

USDA awards up to $5 million in competitive 

grants for training, supporting operations, plan-

ning, purchasing equipment, developing school 

gardens, developing partnerships, and imple-

menting farm to school programs.

Planning grants range from $20,000 to 

$45,000, and Implementation and Support 

Service grants range from $65,000 to $100,000
Deadline: Applications are due Dec. 8, 2016

Youth Garden Grant
To be eligible, schools or organizations 

must plan a new garden with at least 15 chil-

dren aged 3 to 18 involved in the project. The 

selection of winners is based on the demon-

strated program impact and sustainability.

The top five programs receive garden 

award packages valued at $750. Fifteen pro-

grams receive garden award packages valued 

at $500.
Deadline: Applications are due Dec. 15, 2016

The Harry Chapin Foundation Edu-

cation Grant
The mission of the Harry Chapin Foun-

dation is to support organizations that have 

demonstrated their ability to dramatically 

improve the lives and livelihood of people by 

helping them to become self-sufficient. The 

foundation focuses its grant making on com-

munity education programs, arts-in-education 

programs, and agricultural and environmental 

programs. Grants up to $10,000 are awarded
Deadline: Applications are accepted year-



For more information, please check out the provided links. There are even more to read about (as seen on page four in the latest issue of Teaching Today – MN). Get your hands on a hard copy or please visit our Flip Book online at
Enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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