Re-Thinking How We Do School

​How’s your week going so far, readers? In case you missed it, our latest issue has since been distributed to schools across Minnesota and is also live and available to view online through our virtual flip book.
Here’s a sneak-peek at an article from the Stillwater school district:
Re-thinking how we do school
Stillwater Area Public Schools
First-of-its-kind Think Tank brings industry together with education
“In late summer, a dozen industry experts came together with a dozen local educators to re-think education in Stillwater Area Public Schools. The first-of-its-kind Think Tank conversation was designed to bring together people with very different perspectives to talk about a common interest – our future workforce.
“It was a great chance to connect with an impressive group of people to discuss ways we could work together to improve not just K-12 education, but to strengthen and improve the community,” said Mike Teachout, an innovation coach at Stillwater Area High School…”
Read more about Stillwater’s Think Tank (along with many more fabulous articles) here:


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