Mock Crash has Real Impact for MWHS Students

​Good morning readers! I hope all of you had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
Teaching Today – Minnesota just recently launched another issue of spectacular articles to read. One school, MWHS out of the Westonka school district, had this to share:
Mock Crash has Real Impact for MWHS Students
Becca Neuger
Communications Coordinator
Westonka Public Schools
“In the time it takes to read a text message while traveling at 55 mph, you have gone approximately 100 yards. That’s like driving the entire length of a football field blindfolded.

On Wednesday morning, Sept. 28, Mound Westonka High School students in grades 10-12 came face-to-face with the consequences of distracted driving. Blue tarps covering a pair of smashed vehicles were removed to reveal their bloody classmate lying unmoving on the cement. MWHS students involved in Homecoming festivities had crashed head on into a car carrying their classmates because the driver had been texting…”
Continue reading the article,  seen on page 10, here:


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