Invite Community Guests to Your Classroom in the New Year!

Bringing special guests to the classroom is a great way to engage students by offering them a first-hand perspective in an “in-house field trip,” notes Illinois fourth-grade teacher Lindsey Petlak. In this blog post, she offers several examples of how community guests have made a difference in her classroom.

“Sometimes as teachers, with all that we have to juggle, it’s easy to close off our classroom in order to maintain maximum “control.” We are jam-packed with expectations that we have to squeeze into tiny timeframes with a million variables. To best run this three-ring circus, we often close off our classrooms and try to be the one and only ringmaster. This is a huge task, involving every subject area and learning style imaginable. Over the years, I’ve learned to let go a bit and invite field experts and people with first-hand personal experience to be instructional guests in our classroom. The results have been amazing! Make it one of your teaching New Year’s resolutions to incorporate parents and community members to share knowledge and experience with your class in 2015!”

Continue reading the article here:


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